The Powers family set the tone early: make the right call with your people, your barley farmers, and your customers. Establish your principles, and they’ll guide you through the centuries. We like to think that when there’s an easy way out, we go the other way. Here’s a few excerpts from our proud Powers story that we’re never shy about sharing.

  1. 1791

    John’s Lane Distillery is founded in Dublin
    Powers Year 1791
  2. 1841

    John Power was appointed High Sheri for the City of Dublin.
    Powers Year 1841
  3. 1877

    Iconic “Diamond P” trademark is registered
    Powers Year 1877
  4. 1886

    ‘Gold Label,’ the first whiskey to be bottled in Dublin, is released
    Powers Year 1886
  5. 1889

    The world’s first miniature spirits bottle, known as the ‘Baby Power,’ invented
    Powers Year 1889
  6. 1893

    30-Foot, Irish Round Tower made of ‘Gold Label’ bottles debuts at the Chicago World’s Fair
    Powers Year 1893
  7. 1900

    John’s Lane Distillery output surpasses 1,000,000 gallons a year
    Powers Year 1900
  8. 1920

    Powers is sold in over 100 cities around the world
    Powers Year 1920
  9. 1924

    A true sign of team spirit: the John's Lane Distillery football team, POWERS United.
    Powers Year 1924
  10. 1937

    The PowerFamily build housing for inhabitants of the Oylegate village in Wexford near their country estate.
    Powers Year 1937
  11. 1966

    POWERS helps to establish Irish Distillers, ensuring the future of Irish Whiskey
    Powers Year 1966
  12. 1975

    POWERS moved to a new state-ofthe-art distillery in Midleton, Co. Cork. However, John’s Lane Distillery still stands proudly in Dublin City.
    Powers Year 1975