A measure above: Powers® honey bee initiative

A measure above: Powers® honey bee initiative

Since 1791, POWERS has striven to not only make great whiskey, but also make the world a better place. Whether that be through the “green roofs” atop our Dublin distillery, providing food for our workers or the POWERS Fire Brigade quelling fires throughout Dublin City; we’ve always looked to improve the world around us.

We’re proud to work with local beekeeper organizations to inspire fine drinking establishments across the United States to raise money and awareness in support of local honey bee populations through our A MEASURE ABOVE: POWERS® HONEY BEE INITIATIVE.

Throughout the state of Washington, we’ll be donating to the Washington State Beekeepers Association, whose mission is to assist the agricultural community in helping maintain vibrant local beekeeping organizations and promote and enhance academic research into beekeeping practice in the State of Washington.

Over the course of the past 15 years, honey bees across the globe have experienced “colony collapse disorder” due to various reasons including parasites, habitat loss, the increased use of pesticides and other diseases. WASBA’s efforts will serve to bolster the local honeybee population to encourage the pollination of wild flowers and crops for the betterment of the local environment, and POWERS is proud to champion their cause.

The primary tasting note of POWERS GOLD LABEL is honey, which makes it is the perfect whiskey for cocktails made using local honey. Try it in your favorites in place of simple syrups or sugar, and help us as we work to protect this important part of the local habitat.

We at POWERS continue to grow by striving to be A MEASURE ABOVE. We hope you will to.

• 2 parts POWERS Irish Whiskey
• ³⁄4 part fresh lemon juice
• 1 part honey syrup
(equal parts local honey and water)
• Lemon peel to garnish
Combine in shaker and shake over ice until well
chilled. Strain into an old fashioned glass and add a
large cube of ice. Garnish with lemon peel.